Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This is totally outside the bounds of what I normally do here, but I recently participated in a Favorite Things Swap hosted by Jihan. You send a few of your favorite things (and then you won't feel so bad) to another blog writer and then you get somebody else's favorite things. Here's what I sent to Amy.

And here's what I got from Jourdan: a mini-muffin tin with yummy muffin recipe, the Amelie soundtrack, fun artist postcards, Jourdan's favorite Jane Austen quotes, pretty purple cardstock, a fun handmade mosaic mirror with colored glass and a mini-book kit. Thanks Jourdan!

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Amy said...

amanda! the swap was a blast! I totally stressed over whether my partner would like what I sent her. I lucked out fabulously. love you and your blog! :)