Monday, December 10, 2007

30 Rock quotes

I love me some Office, no doubt about it. I heart Pam and Jim, and I can't wait to see what Michael will say (or do) next. But I live for 30 Rock on Thursday nights. Hands down the funniest show on TV right now. I need to keep a notebook close by when I watch it because there are always so many great lines:

"He's cute like Zack Efron, that's a thing right?"
"It makes me sad that more people don't know about cougars"
''I like when a woman has ambition; it's like seeing a dog wearing clothes"
"I call the movie 'Risky Business' 'Risky It' cuz 'it' means 'business'... Lemon out!"
"5 million dollars? That's "NBA Sexual Assault" money!"
"Where are the fries I did not ask for? You folks need to ANTICIPATE me"

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