Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, not really. I've gotten by okay with a lot of movies, some books, working out, cooking, cleaning and surfing the web. But I miss my shows. Sunday through Wednesday is a wasteland on my DVR. And lately there haven't even been any Oprah shows. According to Entertainment Weekly, this is what I can expect from my favorite shows:

Chuck - next Fall
Friday Night Lights - next Fall, possibly on another network
Grey's Anatomy - late April
Heroes - next Fall
How I Met Your Mother - next Monday
Lost - mid March break, back in April
My Name is Earl - April 3
The Office - April 10
Private Practice - next Fall (I may bail on this one by that point)
Scrubs - April 10
30 Rock - April 10

I just need to see some of my favorite characters do something new. Is that so much to ask?

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