Sunday, June 8, 2008

Suck it Rain

Generally, I like rain. I like it for plants, crops and green grass. I like it when it washes away pollen and junk that I'd rather not clean. I especially like it when a big old thunderstorm rolls in to break up a spell of really humid weather. I do not like rain when it is two feet high in my basement, pouring through every nook and crevice like Niagara Falls. No, I do not like that.

We got slammed on Thursday night/Friday morning during the flash floods that hit out area. We made out a lot better than other people, but it hasn't been fun in the least. Most of our stuff was in plastic bins, but plenty of boxes tipped over and things got soaked. Our downstairs looks like we are in the process of moving, with boxes on top of boxes and blankets laying out to dry.

Our AC and hot water heater both went out, and we have lovely reminder on the ceiling above our kitchen sink where condensation (we hope) busted through from the shower upstairs and dropped dry wall on our floor. C'est la vie. It is times like this that put everything else in perspective!

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Mary said...

ugg, that is really crapo but I'm glad the both of you and your house are still functional.