Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Book for trip

I'm going to pose this question in several places (here, facebook, Shelfari, etc.). Anyone have any good book recommendations for our trip? I'd like to take one book that will last a week and a half. Some days I'll read and some days I won't, but I need one that will last for the whole trip. The last book I read that took some time to work through was Under the Banner of Heaven.

Let me know if you have some good ides.


camby said...

have you read the pillars of the earth?

i got it for christmas and have read the first couple of chapters and i like it but admittedly i haven't finished it. it's a LONG book. i would love to read it but just never have that time to really get into a good long book like that anymore.

camby said...

trying to get the whole address in...if this doesn't work, look it up on oprah's site and it tell more info about it.

Mary said...

Perhaps try some Russian Lit. They always take me forever to read. Anna Karenina by Dostoevsky was good (kind of dark like all russian lit but good).