Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Google Notes

I read a lot of blogs. Mostly design, home, artsy-fartsy related but also more personal ones of people I know (or it feels like I know). I keep track of all my blogs (as well as other sites with rss feeds) on google reader. Not exactly earth shattering, but I just started using the notes feature today.

The notes feature allows me to flag websites that I want to visit later, as opposed to my current method where I find links during the day (shhh, don't tell anyone) and then email them home to myself. A crap way to keep track of a recipe for bakery frosting or an etsy shop I like. And you can share your notes with other people.

I added a notes feed to the side bar of the blog with links of projects I want to do, resources for products and ideas I want to share but may not get around to blogging about. You can also see my shared items here.

Like I said, its not earth shattering, especially since there are lots of other sites that do these kinds of things. What I like is that it is a feature of something I use on a daily basis.

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