Friday, January 23, 2009

Shop it To Me

Thanks to Sarah (for clarification I mean the Dish, since there are so many Sarahs in my life), I get semi-weekly clothing updates from Shop it To Me.

Its a free service that crawls the web to find deals on clothes, accessories and shoes from your favorite designers and stores. You can customize based on your size(s), types of clothing, styles of clothing, etc. and then you'll get an e-mail with several thumbnails like this:

with the regular and sale price, plus a link to where you can buy them. Its a great service, and one you can refine and change as tastes change or you find a new designer you like.

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tshops said...

We're thrilled that you're enjoying your Salemails! If you can share some experiences when you found items you've absolutely loved, we'd love to hear them! And more about you too! Email Thanks!