Friday, February 27, 2009

What I Wore This Week

I'm skipping the Friday portion this week cause there's a ton going on today, but here's the rest of this week.

Monday-remember this sweater? Its looks a little Technicolor Dreamcoat because of the light I'm standing underneath. I'm looking the general direction of our vend-o-land, hoping nobody has burned their microwave popcorn.
I took this one as I was heading home. I think the light and the little details in the elevator bank are interesting.Tuesday-Leaving the building for lunch=outdoor photo shoot. Darn it if the pigeon toed pose didn't turn out the best. Oops, how did that sweater end up in this picture? Remember these cords?
Wednesday-By far the best day for weather and my favorite outfit. Not hard to figure out the correlation. I could wear this dress everyday. Its from Banana Republic and I got right when dresses were making the big comeback. The best part about it is that the hem is weighted so it doesn't fly up or stick to your legs.

I also realized that contrary to what I said about my boots from last week, these were my first pair of rocket dogs.
Thursday-Yucky weather day and less than inspiring outfit. Comfortable though. These pants were hard to photograph because of the wide leg.

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