Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's be honest, I need a little feedback

I'm coming round the bend of three months of daily blogging and it turns out I need some feedback. And by feedback, I mean validation. And by validation, I mean do you like what I've been saying and doing here?

Since there aren't too many people who comment on the blog (which is totally, 100% fine), and I don't live within physical hi, how you doing? distance of many of my nearest and dearest, I really have no sense for what anyone thinks about what I've been posting. While I so appreciate it when I see you lovely people in person, I'd like to know what is and isn't working.

Let's call it market research. Please give me a shout in any way you know how to find moi. Constructive criticism is always welcome (hello, I took many a writing course in college and I write for a living, critique is not a four letter word for me). If I sent this link to you or you got here from facebook, its cause I want you to know about it. So don't be afraid my readers.

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