Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Listening to Music at Work

Even though I think a lot of the work life articles in CNN are sort of obvious (don't be the office gossip, don't talk about religion at work, arm yourself for salary negotiations), I do find myself clicking on them often. I did think this one about listening to music at work was interesting.

Working in a cube has made me pretty oblivious to a lot of the noise and chatter around me, but I do rely on my trusty old mini for times when I need to write and focus on just one topic. Music, especially choosing all the songs from one artist like Coldplay or the Beatles, helps me process what I want to write/say.

I do have to say I sometimes struggle with two of the articles tips...

  • Don't sing aloud
  • Keep the dance moves to a minimum

I try really hard not to sing, but sometimes I just have to dance, so I end up drumming on chair to reign it in.

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