Friday, March 20, 2009

What I Wore for Jeans Week #2

Its Spring break round here, so we had another jeans weeks. Makes life easy, if not a bit boring.

Monday-Finally some pictures outside! The lighting is so much better. She told to walk this way, talk this way. Oh, just gimme me a kiss.
O'Tuesday-The wearing of the green. We were so busy with our Irish potluck at work that we forgot to take a picture. Sooooo....I took a few in the parking garage. The quality is not 100% awesome, but my shirt has shamrocks on it! Got to love Forever 21.
Wednesday-So, I broke my no spending $$ on clothes in March, but I couldn't resist the Banana/Gap/Old Navy friends and family deal last weekend. Another pair of Steve Madden flats. Darn it if they aren't really comfy.
Thursday-Okay, I knew going in to it that this outfit would be hard to photograph. I was trying something new (my skinny jeans cuffed) and I liked it and all, but as a hippy, junk in the trunk kind of girl, this flies in the face of how I normally accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.
Friday-Holy ballet flat week Batman!

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