Friday, March 13, 2009

What I Wore, Minus Friday

What a week. Daylights savings in March is so darn unpleasant, but at least it was a jeans week. And yes, I'm wearing the sames ones three different days. Here we go, minus Friday.

Lunes-I had been searching high and low for a good pair of red loafers when I found these at DSW in Florida last month. This outfit basically sums up my clothing philosophy for work=basics+colored accessories. What I'm doing with my hands is any ones guess.
Martes-I was actually having a great hair day, but this collar just begs for my hair to be up.
Miercoles-these shoes are the reason why I needed red loafers. Yin and yang. I have worn Monday's outfit with these shoes many a time. They are Franco Sarto and the shoe name is campus. If you ever see them in a store for some reason, buy them. You will get lots and lots of compliments. They are snakeskin-ish.

Jueves-Holy loafer week!

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