Monday, April 27, 2009

House Project Weekend 2009: The Kitchen

My parents and Zoey were up this weekend to help with some house projects (and I guess technically my dad had/has work to do in the area). We accomplished a TON! We started here with wallpaper free walls and the Dutch blue inspired backsplash that I have always hated. I remove the rest of the wallpaper residue while my mom put up the new thermoplastic backsplash.

My dad took on the time consuming job of texturing the walls. I had thought about this step a bunch, but I didn't know how we were going to accomplish getting flat walls to match the textured plaster look in the rest of the downstairs. Turns out you can just go to Lowe's and buy popcorn texture for your walls, which is the exact look we needed to achieve. Personally I would prefer flat walls, but that isn't a task I'm willing to take on right now. Plus the popcorn texture looks great.
Now all I have left is to paint, then start rearranging and redecorating the kitchen. My mom's homework is to make curtains from these fabrics, kind of a faux roman shade deal.

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