Monday, July 20, 2009

Dress You Up in My Love

Don't know if any of you have noticed the trend, but I have been keeping to at least a rough weekly blog schedule. Mondays I try to do something personal, maybe about the weekend or something we have done. Tuesday-Thursday is a mix of house stuff, shopping and randomness. Midweek I have been linking over to something on the food blog and Fridays are What I Wore.

Well, this weekend was one of the first ones in a long time I have been home without some type of plans (besides my brother and his dog Kenna coming to pick up our old couches). I am a RAGBRAI widow, which means lots of intense dog time by myself, so I didn't get around to taking any pictures.

Instead of taking pictures, I:

-Got a facial and did some shopping (exciting stuff like S hooks at Home Depot, a bigger dog food dish for Micky and kettle cooked salt & vinegar chips from World Market).
-Reorganized the shelves in the kitchen
-Laundry, picked up the basement
-Watched What a Girl Wants, Reality Bites and part of Over Her Dead Body (which was as awful as I knew it would be, but I thought, hey I like Paul Rudd, lets give it a shot). I tivoed Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, but haven't watched it yet.
-Finished my book club book
-Caught up on Entertainment Weekly
-Walked Gordito and sat outside for what seemed like hours with the dogs while they chewed on toys and Micky excelled at fetch
And while I don't need any new dresses, they are everywhere I look. These ones from Francesca's Collections are way cute. I wish we had a store here.
Top to bottom: Santo Domingo Dress, Russian Doll Dress and Byzantine Dress.

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