Friday, July 31, 2009

What I Wore: Sorta Hippie Chic

I went to Forever 21 last weekend, and while I found good things, it is not a store for the feint of heart. I managed to restrain myself, but I love embroidery more than anything when it comes to clothes. I wanted all of these.

top: Forever 21
jeans: DKNY soho bootcut
sandals: AE

top: Gap Outlet
pants: Gap (I got for $15.99 in the store last weekend, the sale price online is considerably more) necklace: Target (the link says its not available in stores...but i bought it at a local store two weeks ago)
sandals: Aerosoles

top: Forever 21
denim pencil skirt: Old Navy
necklace: The Icing
sandals: Coconuts

It was supposed to rain, at least according to my iGoogle weather widget, so I wore tennis shoes. Normally my rule for business casual is if you wouldn't wear the top and shoes with dress clothes, then don't wear them with jeans. But...I gave myself a break that day.

cardigan: Target
layering tank: Old Navy
jeans: Gap
head scarf: Ann Taylor (I have been rocking that scarf since sophomore year of college, woot!)
sneakers: Jack Purcell Converse

top: Billabong
cardigan: Gap
most comfortable skirt ever: Target
sandals: Aerosoles

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Cat said...

I love the easy, flowy look! So comfy!