Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Hate Twitter

I am pro-social media. Pro-sharing ideas, thoughts and unfettered/unapologetic viewpoints. Many a deal, super great recipe, decorating idea or outfit inspiration has been found through social media. But I have to tell you. I really hate Twitter.

The thing I hate is how disjointed a page looks with re-tweets and one-sided conversations that make no sense. Some people are terrible spellers and/or haven’t thought through what they are trying to say. I’m annoyed by Twitter scrolls on news networks (that goes for you too, E!).

Twitter-speak is very insider-y and isolating with Tweeps and Tweet-ups. It is personal and impersonal at the same time. People are literally having a conversation in front of you, but it is totally two-sided. No way to join the debate or throw your in two cents worth.

But sometimes, depending on the person, it can be clever. I am loath to admit this.

I have mad respect for people who can be clever, enlightening, funny and/or succinct with 140 characters. And then I start to think about it like a Facebook status. We all like when people comment on our statuses, right? But not all Facebook statuses are equal. Some just elicit a mental head nod or a cursory quick read. But the good ones, man, the good ones!

And then I start to think about brevity. The need to get to the point. Not bore people and to make it clear what you are trying to get them to do or need. But still make it accessible and interesting. Which is a good life lesson. How often are we truly able to get out what we really want to say?

And that's all I have to say about Twitter.

P.S. Jezebel's Tweet Beat is a riot. P.P.S Tweet, tweet.

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