Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Week in Boos and Yays


Colorado trip confirmed, planning commenced. Photo from here.

Holiday cards ordered from Cardstore. Bonus was the option to have our return address printed for free.

Got a cute green peacoat from Old Navy. The web site only shows cream, but the green is la-la-lovely.

Sutliff hard cider from Lisbon, Iowa. So tasty and fresh, not that sicky sweet taste you get from drinking most ciders.

Speaking of drinking, we watched the Student Prince this weekend, which was very good and spawned this song you may recognize.

No Rose Bowl for the Hawks. Sad face.

Fried computer hard drive means the only copy of our holiday card list is paper, and out of date. I have to retype it and look for new addresses. Also, the Paper Source stickers I wanted to use on the envelope are sold out. Boo hoo!

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