Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Food Intentions

What can I say, all I can blog about it is what is top of mind for me. This month at least it is FOOD.

Beyond baking and making one new recipe each week, I want to tackle some foods that I have thus far shied away from. I also want to perfect a go-to recipe for others. Some of these things are way easy, I know, but for whatever reason I just haven't gotten around to trying them.

To do
Roast and break down a chicken
Roast root vegetables (beyond potatoes and carrots)
Grow a garden, part deux
Homemade hot chocolate
Mark Bittman's No Knead Bread
Red beans and rice
Cuban and shredded pork
Join a CSA
Blueberry red wine reduction

Eat/make more
Fish, snapper
Crockpot recipes
Danish puff
Brussels sprouts
Salad dressings and recipes

Find a go-to recipe
Vanilla cake
Lemon cake
Lemon bread
Sugar cookies
Pizza dough

Of course, this list is not complete....

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