Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Connected, yet unconnected

Connected, yet unconnected. I love all of my ways to keep in touch, but it takes awhile to get everything plugged back in after being away for a few days. Which in turn makes me wish there was an easier way to keep all of this stuff connected. Lemme break it down:

I have two personal e-mail accounts, plus a work e-mail. My work firewall prevents me from checking my personal e-mail account and I haven't set up home access to my work e-mail because its too tempting not to check work e-mail when I'm home. So I effectively have daytime and nighttime e-mail. I'd like to keep all personal e-mail to my nighttime account, but alas its just doesn't work that way.

Then I have two blogs, plus facebook, linkedin and shelfari accounts. This blog feeds into my facebook account, which is about right in terms of what I want to do with each of them (connect with friends and family). Linkedin can stand on its own for all I care, I don't think work colleagues care too much about lip gloss or bargain shoe shopping. My shelfari public shelf is also on this blog and my facebook account, which is nice. But when I write about a book on my blog, I feel obligated to make sure my shelfari is updated. If I write a facebook status about a book, I'd want to make sure I was posting it on here since I obviously feel strongly about sharing my thoughts.

Its not really that big of a deal, but it does become a bit of a cluster when you begin using different modes of communication with the same person. Like I have found myself having the same conversation with someone on facebook mail and regular e-mail. Simultaneously.

Its not the maintenance of the blogs, shelfari and facebook, its that they are all communicating different things at the same time. So don't even get me started on Twitter. I'm not going there.

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