Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

I am sometimes very resistant to things that EVERYONE is talking about, especially when it comes to books. The Davinci Code? Never read it. You know why? EVERYONE else did. Eat, Pray, Love? Same thing. Everyone and their dog read it.So, even though Oprah chose The Story of Edgar Sawtelle for her book club, I read it this weekend. Actually, I read it in one day, staying up until one or two in the morning to finish it.

It was truly a masterful, wonderful book. You can tell by looking at the cover, right? For dog lovers (don't worry, its not Old Yeller, Sounder or Where the Red Fern Grows), it illustrates to the unexplainable relationships we have with our pets. Non-dog lovers would have to be cold hearted, horrible people for this book to not open their hearts and minds.

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Mary said...

I do the same thing with movies, I tried to explain it to Camby and Joe but it didn't really translate (from jumbled mary speak to other folks ears)