Monday, February 23, 2009

Giving What I Wore a Whirl

For this week and the month of March I'm going to give the What I Wore a whirl. Bear with me as I know its quite self-indulgent, but here's what I have learned from my very serious research on the subject:

  • Its a great way to get inspiration for your own wardrobe
  • Remixing your current wardrobe (without buying new) is a general theme, as well as thrifting
  • People don't necessarily think they are the best dressers, they just want to share
  • These fashion bloggers give a lot of thought into what they put together, and in some cases are downright scientific about the process
  • This takes commitment to take pictures and post, plus include information on where the clothes are from and your thought process

So for the next five weeks or so, I am going to post what I wear to work on a weekly basis. I've created my own set of rules:

  • Jennifer has to take my picture because she suggested the idea and I had a hard time figuring out how to take it of myself
  • I'm going to only use clothes I currently own
  • While I will point out key items that I like or whatever, I won't pontificate too much on why I wore something since I really don't give it that much thought anyway
  • If I like it, I may continue or do it for a month at a time
  • If you don't like it, just skip right on over them


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