Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whoa-Oh Half Way There

Folks, its June. And more than halfway through it at that! A recent switch I just made to my exercise routine got me thinking about my intentions for 2009 and where they stand (or lie as it may be).

I'm doing okay on some, have completed others and need to get moving on the rest.

Heal thy back-After many, many, many months of continuing with my workout classes (sculpting and cardio mix), in May it became painfully clear they weren't exactly helping my back. I'm in a much better place than I was in December (due to a pain shot in January, back exercises, walking four times a week and being careful in general). In addition to walking el pooch-o, I'm now walking twice a week on a really steep incline on the treadmill in an effort to further strengthen my back. So all in all, doing good.

Take more pictures-done and done. Hello, I even figured out the macro setting on my camera!

Take a class-Cake decorating=a bust, so while I took a class I wouldn't say it worked my brain in anyway. Though I do know how to frost a cake without getting crumbs in the frosting. So, I guess I need to get this back on the radar for fall.

Dial down the procrastination-Two things have helped me with this significantly. Making a mental note everyday not to let things hang and weight me down and using the sticky note feature on iGoogle. I list my to dos in iGoogle and then I can check them at home or work. When I'm feeling especially blah, I make a point of getting one of the items off my sticky note. Feels good, yeah.

Veggies-er, um, well. Need to make this a focus. We eat broccoli and salad pretty regularly, but I'd say I need some renewed intent on this one. Good thing its summer right now.

Reading-More focused reading has been good, though I wouldn't say my book club has hit pay dirt yet in finding anything great we have all loved. However, I very much enjoy participating in a group effort toward something, in this case it is taking an hour during the work day to talk about books.

Blogging-Daily (during the week at least) blogging has been such a great creative outlet. Its been very fun. This has become my style file, a place to put a caption and headline on my life, and a space to explore ideas about home decorating and fashion. It also serves as a testament to how my brain flips and flops. Some weeks I'm thinking about kitchen organization and other weeks I'm so busy, I can only regurgitate something I found elsewhere.

Grace-Isn't this basically an every day intention? Trying to remember the rude person at the grocery store has much more going on than you may know. Getting older just means more opportunities for grace. You've seen more the world, felt more, done more, etc. A work issue this year has really tested my capacity for grace. Guess I got to keep on, keepin' on.

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