Thursday, November 19, 2009

What We Ate This Week

I've been thinking way more about what I'm bringing to Thanksgiving/my sister-in-laws than meals this week.

Saturday prosciutto and brie sandwiches during the IA/OH State game, Pagliai's for dinner
Sunday mini meatloaves, squash and broccoli
Monday chicken cordon bleu from Gateway Market, fettuccine Alfredo (recipe from the Hotel Hassler in Roma) and salad
Wednesday salmon baked in foil, rice pilaf and salad

This weekend, after the IA/MN game, I'm prepping food to take in for Thanksgiving. Chocolate chip cookies are required, plus I'm doing one batch of M+M and making my favorite Mexican lasagna for the day after turkey day.

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Jennifer said...

Here's some great seasoning for salmon (I bake mine in foil, too): Cavender's Greek Seasoning, I drizzle the salmon with olive oil, some S&P and loads of Cavenders. Rub it all in and bake. Tasty!