Friday, January 15, 2010

Skinny Jeans and New Tops

Last month I picked up a new pair of skinny/straight jeans during one of Gap's flood subscribers' inboxes with codes and 40% off emails. While I love my pair from Alloy, I need a pair that provided the kind of coverage a 30 year old lady needs. After doing some research online and in the store, I settled on a pair of Real Straight Jeans.

And I freaking love them. Not too tight, but slim enough to wear tucked into boots, they are so comfy (stretch is key). Not tucked in they will be perfect for the ankle length style that is both popular and flattering for me. The only thing is the length. They are crazy long. I cut them and intend to get them to a tailor before spring (or Florida) come.

They'd look great with any of these tops.

Top to bottom: Striped Scoop Neck Top, Kali Embroidered Tunic, Ash Knit Top, Colorful Macrame Top, Embroidered Paisley Peasant Top and Here & Now Tee.


beartifix said...

I also love and wear my Gap Real Straight jeans. They do stretch out, though, so I wish I'd gone a size smaller. Now they are a tiny bit baggy on me.

Jillian Frances said...

I've been thinking about going back to get these. I'm still loving the boot cuts that I bought (the second pair that fits properly). Great shirts...we have similar likes, I think.