Friday, January 15, 2010

What We Ate This Week

Herein begins a busy time round our house. We don't necessarily get to sit down together for all of our meals. But I'm going to keep on cooking!

Sunday Pork tenderloin and potatoes baked in Lipton's onion soup mix, salad
Monday Bacon and artichoke jambalaya (NR), kale, blood orange and hazelnut salad (NR) I'll make again, I liked them both. And I swear, the kale gave me extra energy the next day.

Saturday I baked a new lemon bread recipe. Unfortunately I had lemon oil instead of lemon extract. SO...VERY...LEMONY. Like painfully so.

On Wednesday I made the double-delight peanut butter cookies (NR) that have been all over the place since the woman who created the recipe was on Oprah. They were...okay. Gasp, I know. I think my issue is that while I love peanut butter and peanut butter desserts, I've never been crazy about peanut butter cookies.

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