Monday, December 15, 2008

Sorrento, Amalfi Coast and Salerno

Okay, now I can finish the tour de Italy recap!

After Pompeii, we took the train to Sorrento and stayed there for the night. Sorrento was beautiful, right on the coast with lots of sweet little shops along one long street. Our hotel overlooked the Bay of Naples, high atop a cliff look back down over the town. In the summer it as hopping as any East Coast beach town.It was very, very rainy the whole time we were there. I think this is the only picture where there was sun. That's Sorrento over my shoulder. We hopped on a bus that snakes along the Amalfi Coast. Death-defying curves, straight line drops over the coast, the bus driver honking at every turn to make sure he didn't run over the car. It was intense. There are no pictures.

We changed buses in the town of Amalfi, which was very charming. Lots of little shops and places to eat, plus crazy views of houses built into cliffsides. This is the church at the center of town.
Seriously, there was a lot of rain that day. This is a little statue right by the bus drop off of a couple under an umbrella. After Amalfi, we took another bus to Salerno so we could catch a train back to Rome. Salerno is a shipping port and much more industrial than the other towns along the coast. We all liked it a lot actually, it reminded me of Portland, Oregon or Boulder with a long ped mall and lots of of young people, couples and families bustling about.

We were worn out by the time we caught the train to Rome, which may or may not have to do with the great meal (and beverages) we had the night before at Pizzeria Aurora.

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